building a Movement for Palestine
One Person at a Time

Annual Report
October 2015 - September 2016


Annual Report

“Honestly,” writes 2014 delegate Anne Champion, "my IFPB delegation changed my perspective on everything.” In response to our recent survey, hundreds of delegates shared similar stories of transformation and inspiration.

For fifteen years, this has been the essence of Interfaith Peace-Builders. If you are lucky enough to have joined an IFPB delegation, you know the commitment we bring to the work.

Every IFPB delegation is a unique human journey. Each delegation is an experiment in building transnational solidarity based on real human connections. Every trip is real, honest, heartfelt, and genuine. For fifteen years, these have been the values that inform our work.

“I can’t believe you do so much, with so little.” We hear it all the time. The key is this: We aren’t alone. We have you!

If you are reading this special 15th anniversary Annual Report, then you are a critical part of IFPB. You have helped us succeed over the past fifteen years, and you are instrumental to our success in the coming fifteen.

Thank you for standing with IFPB as we foster connections, build movements, and work for change. We must - every one of us - insist that Palestinians be free.


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