July-August 2015 DELEGATION

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Updates from the July-August 2015 Delegation:

July 26, 2015 - Interfaith Peace-Builders 20-member delegation to Palestine /Israel arrived at Ben-Gurion airport Monday. The purpose of this delegation - the 54th to make the trip since 2001 - is to educate North Americans about the region and deepen their understanding of its conflicts.

Trip Reflections, photos, and videos from the delegation will be posted on IFPB's website, facebook page, and twitter stream.

This delegation focuses on Palestinian and Israeli efforts to achieve peace, justice, and an end to military occupation.  The trip also explores issues relevant to young people in Palestine/Israel, including efforts to educate and empower future generations working toward a just resolution to the conflict.  Two thirds of the Palestinian population and one third of the Israeli population are under the age of 25.  More than just numbers, youth in Israel/Palestine play important roles in community development, lead nonviolent struggles for justice, and work together across national lines towards reconciliation.  They are also among the conflict’s most tragic victims. 

Participants on this Interfaith Peace-Builders delegation have the unique opportunity to hear directly from Palestinians and Israelis regarding their hopes for peace and the role of the United States, the US government, and other international actors, in promoting a resolution to the conflict.


Photos from the July-August 2015 Delegation:


The delegation includes the following people:

Chris Affleck - Cambridge, Massachusetts
Shafi Aktar - Woodside, New York
Andrew Dalack - Brooklyn, New York
John Dworkin -Chicago, Illinois
Joy Dworkin - Joplin, Missouri
Michael Friedman - Detroit, Michigan
Liz Gary - Brooklyn, New York
Amber Gilewski - Ithaca, New York
Priya Handa - Berkeley, California
Barbara Harvey - Detroit, Michigan
Tom Hier - Washington, DC
Rebecca Hirsch - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Barbara Keilt - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Stephanie Langer-Liblick - Ithaca, New York
Bill Myhre - Washington, DC
Jacob Pace - San Francisco, California
Nina Stein - Waterbury, Connecticut
Howard Tanner - Miami Beach, Florida
Cindy Tanner - Littleton, Colorado
Ron Werner, Jr. - Portland, Oregon

Interfaith Peace-Builders believes in the power of eye-witness experience and transformation. Given the opportunity to speak directly with Israelis and Palestinians, delegates return to the United States better informed, more energized, and with a deeper understanding of the possibilities for true justice in the Middle East.

Upon their return to the United States, delegates will share their experiences with the public, the media, and their political representatives.

Media interested in interviewing the participants when they return, and groups wanting information about speaking engagements, should contact Interfaith Peace-Builders at media[a]ifpb.org or 202.244.0821.


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