Interfaith Peace-Builders’ 2016 People of Color Delegation will travel in Palestine/Israel in July.  The program will raise awareness, heighten activism, and further link struggles between communities of color in the US and those working for justice in Palestine/Israel.

IFPB will invite individuals from front-line organizations and networks working in racial justice, community empowerment, human rights, and related movements around the United States to join this delegation.  Given the opportunity to speak directly with Palestinians and Israelis resisting military occupation, racism, and colonialism, delegates will return to their communities informed, energized, and with a deep understanding of the possibilities for true justice in Palestine/Israel.  This delegation will also afford communities and organizations doing similar work in Palestine/Israel deeper connections and the ability to work more closely with active communities in the US.

IFPB's 2016 People of Color Delegation builds on our previous work and experience, including the 2008 People of Color Delegation, and three African Heritage Delegations to Palestine/Israel in 2011, 2012, and 2014.  Like those programs, the delegation will provide an intentional space to examine questions of race and ethnicity within the context of Palestine/Israel. 

Additional delegation goals include:


Photos from Past IFPB Delegations