The Civil Rights and Social Justice Delegation to Palestine/Israel

April 29 - May 6, 2018
Co-Sponsored with the Center for Constitutional Rights

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Interfaith Peace-Builders is pleased to announce that the Civil Rights and Social Justice Delegation arrived in Palestine/Israel.

Organized by the Center for Constitutional Rights and IFPB, the 19-person delegation includes civil rights and social movement leaders actively working on domestic justice issues in North America.

The group will focus on the human rights situation in Palestine/Israel, including the history and system of inequality and discrimination, as well as local strategies of resistance and survivance. The group is investigating Israel’s legal regime by visiting various impacted communities in the occupied West Bank and Israel. Meetings feature prominent legal, advocacy and human rights organizations, academics and activists in Palestine/Israel.

Follow the delegation on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook under the hashtag #JusticeDelegation.

Upon arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport, several members of the delegation were denied entry by Israeli border officials. Interfaith Peace-Builders and our partners are concerned that, at a time of heightened violence in the region, the government of Israel has acted to bar human rights professionals from entering Palestine/Israel. .

Just in the last month, occupying Israeli forces killed 45 and wounded approximately 6,000 Palestinians demonstrators in the occupied Gaza Strip. Communities in Gaza have vowed to continue demonstrations through May 15, when Palestinians around the world mark the 70th anniversary of the 1948 Nakba (Catastrophe) during which at least 750,000 Palestinians were forced to flee their homes in what is now the State of Israel..

This is IFPB's 64th delegation, and the second co-sponsored with the Center for Constitutional Rights, successfully exposing nearly 1,300 people to the daily realities facing Palestinians in their quest for justice.

We believe in the power of eye-witness experience and transformation. Conversations in North America around increased militarism, unaccountable police killings, corporate/government seizure of indigenous land, mass incarceration, deportation and wall-building, bans on Muslims, and the U.S. national security state, have opened new avenues to better connect justice and human rights struggles in North America to those in Palestine/Israel. Members of the Civil Rights and Social Justice Delegation are uniquely placed to work at these intersections.

Photos from the 2018 Civil Rights and Social Justice Delegation

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