News and Information from Interfaith Peace-Builders
2006 - Present

Interfaith Peace-Builders sends out periodic newsletters with information and updates on our work and the efforts of IFPB delegation participants. Sign up here to receive future newsletters and updates.


Newsletter Archive:

August 2015 Newsletter (pdf)
IFPB's Guide Said Rabieh speaks with Jacob Pace in Jerusalem; Iyad Burnat beaten and detained in Bil'in; Welcome IFPB's new board members; Announcing 2016 Delegations to Palestine/Israel

May 2015 Newsletter (pdf)
Delegate Perspectives on the Racial Justice Movement; Baltimore and the Human Right to Resistance; 5 Questions with IFPB Delegates Rev. Heber Brown III, Sandra Tamari, and IFPB Donor Nunu Kidane; Make a Monthly Donation and Get Cathy Sulatn's Book!

December 2014 Newsletter (pdf)
Year-End Newsletter; Year End Review; 2014 Delegations; Major Accomplishments; Donors and Finances

August 2014 Newsletter (pdf)
It Takes an Entire Delegation - Presbyterian Youth Delegation and Divestment; IFPB's 50th Delegation; 2014 African Heritage Delegation; Take it to the Next level, Become a Monthly Sustainer!

May 2014 Newsletter (pdf)
Setting Foundations for Stronger Movements; Aric Clark of the IFPB-Presbyeterian Peace Fellowship Delegation writes; Annual Board Meeting and First Staff Retreat; Announcing 3rd African Heritage Delegation

December 2013 Newsletter (pdf)
Strengthening Our Community; Young Voices Build a Lasting Movement; Matching Challenge Success! A Message from IFPB's Communications Coordinator; Introducing New IFPB Board Members; Why We Put IFPB in Our Will and Testament.

March 2013 Newsletter (pdf)
Called to Build Peace with Justice; My Commitment to Sustaining this Work by Delegate and Donor Carolyn Cicciu; Grassroots Advocacy training at Expose AIPAC; Making a Monthly Contribution to Peace and Justice is E-A-S-Y!

December 2012 Newsletter (pdf)
Bringing Civil Rights to the Forefront; Why We Give. . . Testimonials from IFPB Donors; 4 Delegations make for a Landmark Month for IFPB; Voices on the Ground, Excerpts of Trip Reports.

March 2012 Newsletter (pdf)
Strengthening our Community; IFPB delegates find Strength in Regional Networks; Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere; Change the World for the Cost of One Falaafel Sandwhich Each Month!

December 2011 Newsletter (pdf)
Scott Kennedy, Presente! Honoring our Friend and Teacher; Remembering Scott Kennedy's tireless work for nonviolence, peace, and justice; Donate to IFPB and get Omar Barghouti's book!

September 2011 Newsletter (pdf)
Making Connections, Crossing Generations; African Heritage Delegation Draws on History of Struggle; The "Emperor of Ice Cream" in Ramallah; Donate to IFPB's New Generation Fund!

March 2011 Newsletter (pdf)
DC Youth Inspire Grassroots Advocacy Training; Case Study Shows Impact of IFPB Education & Advocacy Program; Youth Benefit from Scholarship Program; Offset Your Taxes with Donation to IFPB!

December 2010 Newsletter (pdf)
The Grassroots Advocacy Training and You; Why an African Heritage Delegation. . . and Why Now; New IFPB Board Members; Summer Scholarships; and more

September 2010 Newsletter (pdf)
Sacrificing Peace for the Process; Exciting new moves for IFPB (Emily Siegel hired as Delegation Coordinator, African Heritage Delegation, Grassroots Advocacy Training 2011 and Palestine Fair Trade Association events in Ohio); IFPB Challenge Grant

May 2010 Newsletter (pdf)
IFPB Celebrates our 10th year of delegation-based education and advocacy; Delegates experience aftermath of Israeli attack on Freedom Flotilla; IFPB Challenge Grant

March 2010 Newsletter (pdf)
The Meaning of Joint Struggle; Abdullah Abu Rahme's letter from an Israeli jail; the 2010 Grassroots Advocacy Training; and more (for more on joint struggle, read the accompanying letter by IFPB delegate Stormy Staats)

December 2009 Newsletter (pdf)
The Courage to Dream; 2009 in Review; Reports from IFPB's 2009 Olive Harvest delegation; introducing the Hour-a-Month Program!

September 2009 Newsletter (pdf)
Circles of Support: Building a Better Future Together. This newsletter accompanied the letter signed by more than 30 of our Palestinian and Israeli colleagues.

May 2009 Newsletter (pdf)
Blessings and Challenges of IFPB's Financial Future. Plus, testimonials of IFPB donors

March 2009 Newsletter (pdf)
IFPB reviews our first successful Grassroots Advocacy Training and Lobby Day

December 2008 Newsletter (pdf)
One IFPB Board Member receives prestigious peace prize and another publishes in the New York Times

September 2008 Newsletter (pdf)
David Lamarre-Vincent, IFPB delegation participant and Executive Director of the New Hampshire Council of Churches, comments on the parable of the Good Samaritan and the transformative power of an IFPB delegation

July 2008 Newsletter (pdf)
Wendy Hartley, IFPB delegation participant, comments on the groups visit to the demolished Palestinian village of Al-Birwa and remembers her grandmother's own refugee story of fleeing from anti-Jewish pogroms in Russia

April 2008 Newsletter (pdf)
Joe Groves, IFPB Senior Fellow, comments on his recent speaking tour and the Palestinian Gandhi, and Cathy Sultan, co-leader of IFPB's March 2008 delegation meditates on the teachings of civil rights leader and congressman John Lewis as she witnesses the nonviolent resistance of the Palestinian people

September 2007 Newsletter (pdf)
Mark Braverman, IFPB delegation co-leader, discusses his recent delegation and the reality faced by three Palestinian families in occupied Bethlehem

May 2007 Newsletter (pdf)
IFPB's second newsletter highlights the grassroots activism and civic engagement of our delegation participants and outlines the goals of IFPB's Education and Advocacy Program

December 2006 Newsletter (pdf)
IFPB's first newsletter!