Activities and Events

Interfaith Peace-Builders’ Education and Advocacy Program prioritizes civic engagement, movement building and coalition work. In the context of each of these goals, IFPB participates in programs which raise awareness of the situation in Israel/Palestine and empower individuals to take an active role in promoting peace and justice in the region. All of Interfaith Peace-Builders’ efforts have the ultimate aim of building a strong, comprehensive and diverse US-based movement for Israeli-Palestinian peace. Our programs provide individuals and groups the experience, tools and opportunities needed to engage in a wide range of education and advocacy activities, and to become agents of change in their own communities.

The basis of Interfaith Peace-Builders’ work is the understanding that a focused visit to Israel/Palestine is the best way to support a personal transformation and build the foundation for an active commitment on the part of individual Americans. IFPB stresses a comprehensive and long-term relationship with both delegates and partners in Israel and Palestine. Our support for the activism and continuing education of our delegation participants distinguishes IFPB from other delegation programs. Therefore, it is little surprise that about 90% of IFPB delegation participants continue to stay active on the issue long after their return to communities in North America.

The following is only a sample of the activities in which Interfaith Peace-Builders has played an important role. We will continue to work in this regard and update these pages as our efforts expand and our impact multiplies.



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